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Like a Queen Preschool Theme

Zoomed In Focus on a Tiara with Pink Jewels

Our unit for this week was “Like a Queen!” We focused on the letter Q, as part of our letter learning. This unit also provided an amazing opportunity to look at other cultures and history! 

Reading: Our Book List 

We included reading each day of our unit so that we were exposed to all different books that deal with the Queen theme. We typically read two of these books each day to support our unit.  Due to Labor Day, we had one less day of school during this unit. Thus, we have fewer books this week.

– Practice appropriate book handling skills.
– Identify basic features of print. 
– Demonstrate understanding of spoken words, syllables, and sounds
– With prompting and support, retell key details of text that support a
provided main idea.
– Answer questions about a text.
– With prompting and support, make connections between
information in a text and personal experience.

Get Up, Elizabeth! By Shirin Yim Bridges

Ghost Hunt! By Melissa Lagonegro

I am Cleopatra By Brooke Vitale

I Love Queen Mom! By Tex Huntley

Idia of the Benin Kingdom By Ekiuwa Aire*
This book was pretty long. This did not hold my preschooler’s attention.

Mummy Cat By Marcus Ewert

Queen Victoria’s Bathing Machine By Gloria Whelan*
This book didn’t hold my preschooler’s attention, nor did my pre-k learner find much interest in this book. 

The Right Track By Apple Jordan



Small child placing pom poms onto picture of a crown

  1. Roll the Jewels on the Crown 
    – Count to tell the number of objects
     We used a crown from another activity but any printed crown will work.  We also used a die, and colored pom poms.  If you have jewels or beads, those could be a fun alternative, too!The learner rolled the die, counted the number of dots and then placed the corresponding number of pom poms on the crown. 
  2. Crown Jewel Patterns
    – Analyze, compare, create, and compose shapes.

    We used a printed crown with black circles to indicate where the jewels should go.  The learners selected a pattern card and then placed corresponding colored pom poms to recreate the pattern on their crown.Note: This activity was an independent center activity for my pre-k learner, but required support for my preschooler the first day. When we repeated this activity later in the week, the little one was able to do this independently. 
  3. Queen of Arendelle: Frozen Themed Counting Activity
    – Count to tell the number of objects
     We used a worksheet from Royal Baloo’s Frozen Pre-K Packet placed inside a sheet protector for this activity. Each girl took a turn completing the activity by counting the objects and selecting the correct numeral by circling it with a dry erase marker. Note: This activity was completed as a center. My Pre-K learner required no assistance other than providing directions. My preschool learner needed some coaching, but was able to do the counting by herself.  
  4. Color by Shape Crown
    My girls love to color so any time we do a color-by-shape activity, they love it. 

Language Arts

Child using a pencil to trace lettersChild using a dry erase marker to trace lines on a paper

  1. Words that Start with Q. 
    During circle time, we discussed words that start with Q.
  2. Rhyming Queen
    We did this adorable song activity each day during circle time for the week, using different combinations of words. The girls both did a really good job identify the words that did NOT rhyme.  Later in the week, we did a twist on the activity and found words that did not have the same beginning sound. 
  3. Pre-Writing Skills
    We used the Frozen-themed pre-writing skills from the Pre-K packet designed by Royal Baloo and the Frozen-themed Shape Tracing activity from the Tot packet from the same site.  The girls also traced letter Q /q this week and attempted to write them on their own. Additionally, they completed a pre-writing activity that encouraged them to  connect the Queen to her crown in another line-tracing activity.
  4. Sound Crown
    We did a Sound Crown activity where the learners were asked to identify which shapes began with the Q sound and place them into the blank squares of the crown worksheet.  Note: This was a center activity that my pre-k learner completed independently. My preschool learner required some assistance, but was able to identify the sounds and participate.
  5. Create a Queen Q
    We decorated a Q to look beautiful and added a decorated crown to create our queen Q and introduce the shape of a capital Q.
  6. Dot the Q/q
    To introduce the letter of the week (Q/q), the girls did a classic “Dot” activity and made the Q-sound.
  7. Find the Q/q on the Crown
    After the letter has been introduced, I like to make sure the girls are able to differentiate the letter of the week from other letters with this classic Seek-The-Letter activity.

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Cultural Spotlight


Child wearing Egyptian-inspired DIY headpiece and necklace as she creates bracelet cuffs

Our first cultural spotlight was to revisit Egypt! We read books about Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and Egyptian Pharaoh Hatshepsut and a Mummy cat!  After our books, we made our own Egyptian-inspired headpiece, cuff bracelets, and necklace like the queens in our books.  T Next, we built pyramids out of our Duplo blocks. These activities were fun and gave us a chance to practice our fine motor skills while learning about culture and history.


2 Children wearing Elizabethan Frills made of coffee filters

We also focused on England this week, since we found some amazing books about English queens. We practiced a challenging skill of folding to create these DIY coffee-filter Elizabethan frills.  I stapled and hole-punched them.  Then, my little learners connected the folded coffee filters to a string that we tied around their necks.  After reading “Get Up, Elizabeth” this was the perfect reinforcement of the attire of the time.

Two little girls having a tea party

Then it was time to have tea like they do in England! We had a tea party with real tea (a decaf, fruit-flavored tea with honey) and biscuits. The girls loved having a tea party and practicing their pouring skills with the creamer. We also practiced using our manners and being polite.



On the day we focused on the Queens of Arendelle, Elsa and Anna, we used this fun science activity from Playdough to Plato.

Since my learners are so young, we mostly focused on using scientific language to make predictions about what would happen to the ice when we added the salt.  Then we observed the results of our experiment.

Child placing string in ice water

Fine Motor Skills & Crafts

Marshmallow Snowman with edible details

On the day we focused on Queen Elsa and Anna, we included their faithful friend Olaf at snack time. The girls practiced fine motor skills as they constructed their snowman out of marshmallow (body), pretzel sticks (arms), mini M&Ms (eyes) and a piece of a goldfish (nose). 

Child building with colorful blocksWe also used blocks to build a castle fit for a queen during our center time! The girls are familiar with this activity; therefore, they didn’t require any assistance, but still enjoyed the opportunity to test their skills at building a tall tower for the queen.

Rounding Out the Week

Our week also included daily circle time, daily outdoor time, gymnastics class, dance class, and lots of free play! My little learners also started a soccer kick-start program this week.  The program focuses on helping the kids learn the basic skills of soccer, giving the kids a way to be active, and affording them the opportunity to meet other children. 

And the week of queens would hardly be complete without some dramatic play dressing up as our favorite Disney Queens, Elsa and Anna! The girls love acting out the scene “Do the magic!” from the first Frozen movie and I love hearing how they re-enact the scene and play together.Child dressed as Elsa


Additional Activities

As always, I planned too much for the week- especially when I remembered that it was Labor Day! Here are some other activities you may want to include in your preschool/pre-k “Like a Queen” unit.

  1. I love the math activity with the upcycled TP roll castles and flags from Happy Tot Shelf
  2. I also adore the shape sorting activity on the shield from Happy Tot Shelf.
  3. Crown Dot-to-Dot activity from Dot to Dot.
  4. I really wanted to try this Painting with Teabags activity from Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds. Since I missed it, I might have to see if I can use it with another unit or sneak it in just for fun.
  5. If you are interested in including bible stories, this would be a great week to focus on Queen Esther! 

Product Photo showing worksheets for Queen Themed Activities

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